Maggie Orth
Art, Technology, Design

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Essential Dimmers, 2006-2009

Media: DesignTex wool felt, hand tufted conductive yarns, acrylic, neoprene and commercial dimmers. Individual units: 4"w x 6"h x 3/8"d. Manufactured by hand at IFM.

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Essential Dimmers are handcrafted electronic-textile wall dimmers. A gentle touch of the hand-tufted textile sensor turns on, off or dims the lights. Esssential Dimmers are installed in the wall like any other lightswitch or dimmer.

Essential Dimmers are antimicrobial, stain resistant and durable. They are UL listed and patented.

Electronic fibers are embedded directly into the material, so there are no hidden buttons or switches in the fabric. All you feel is the allure of a soft, fuzzy surface. Available in 14 colors.

Various Designs Shown.


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